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Digital & Online

Making your organisation more digital is important in order to achieve better outcomes for clients, to reduce costs and to communicate effectively.

Our Digital Lead, Richard Motley, works closely with clients to help them identify and work with the digital tools and resources available to them at very low cost, including:

  • Websites – design and hosting

  • Mass mailing – setting up regular mailings to clients and supporters

  • Blogging/Vlogging – sharing your thoughts and advice online

  • Booking/ticketing systems – get people to sign up to your events, activities and services

  • Collaboration platforms – help remote-working staff, volunteers work better together

  • CRMS – how to record your client interactions on a GDPR-compliant database

  • Social media – online communication and engagement

  • Artificial intelligence – how AI can be of use to you and your clients

  • E-Commerce - setting up and monetising online sales

  • Donations - facilitating and promoting online donations

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