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Our coaching team works on a one-to-one basis with clients across the South East to help them achieve a specific goal or objective.


CAP is a renowned training provider, having delivered a range of personal and professional development sessions since 2011.


Making plans is crucial for sustainability and maximising your impact. CAP provides you with the expertise, tools and knowledge to make sensible, usable plans and strategies that guide your organisation move forward with purpose.


Working with an experienced evaluator is a useful way to ensure a project or activity is maximising its impact and is continuing to develop and learn throughout its life.


Independent, impartial support with meetings, events, discussions and consultations ensures that everyone has a voice, can take part and contribute positively.


Support with designing and producing marketing materials which represent your organisation and support your client engagement activities.

Print & Design

'Going digital' is a challenge for many VCSE organisations, but with support it can bring huge benefits to you and your clients. Let our team guide you along your digital pathway.

Digital & Online

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