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we help people set up businesses and organisations that make a social, environmental and financial difference


we help people and organisations to plan how they can achieve their goals and objectives


we help people develop the skills and the self-belief to pursue their goals

Funded Projects

We run a range of projects which we've funded or sourced funding for through government provided, charitable and other social enterprise grants

Professional Services

Our core business is providing paid-for services to organisations. Often we can help you offset the cost through helping you secure grants and funding for our services as the first step.

The course was a really good course to go on and very educating and it really was a positive, good vibe, friendly course. I would definitely and have recommended it to people on my houseblock. The tutor was absolutely brilliant not just teaching the course, as a human being as well, and Hayleigh is a big credit to Elmley prison. As a teacher I would give her 20 out of 10 and as a person. Great course, many thanks.

Learner - HMP Elmley

The course went well and helped me understand the steps to complete before entering into business. The tutor was very helpful and supportive. I now have an understanding on the topic and I now need to gain more information via the business studies course on the Open University.

Learner - HMP Elmley

The course has actually been a great help and has definitely given me the confidence to follow my dream, in fact I have already started. I would definitely recommend, in fact I helped people fill out apps to try and jump on the next one. Thanks again for allowing me on the course.

Learner - HMP Elmley

I feel the Business Builder course really motivated me.  It lets you know that just because you are in jail it doesn’t mean you cant succeed in life legitimately and become more positive.

Learner - HMP Elmley

CAP helped us develop our strategy for the next 3 years. With their expert support we have been able to set key priorities and to identify the things we really need to put all our efforts into in order to achieve our potential. We would have struggled to do this on our own.

Abi Murray

I’m doing a Business Administration degree now, because of Business Builder. It’s given me the confidence to get a degree

Learner - HMP Rochester

A great course from start to finish. You can’t improve on perfection.

Learner - HMP Wandsworth

You have made it just so clear to me. I’ve never done anything like this before and I was worried. I’m not worried anymore.

Pamela Earl

So glad to have you in my life. We have achieved so much together. The future is looking so much more positive for us now.

Sue Maidens

I found it an incredibly useful discussion which has assisted me with thoughts around producing a development document that has structure and clarity. I will develop these ideas further and share with relevant colleagues. I look forward to meeting again once ideas have progressed and thank you for your time and expertise.

Robert Thomas