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Client Feedback 2024

We all like someone saying something nice about us, which makes the past few weeks at CAP a particularly happy one. We work hard to exceed clients' expectations and a few of them decided to tell us how we are doing:

"People with neurodivergent needs often struggle with executive functions and have low self-esteem, due to previous stigmas or stereotypes.  However, many are super focused, motivated, and bursting with business ideas. The Business Builder course and the support it provides has been paramount for our neurodiverse population to feel that their ideas on creating a business for themselves, are valid, realistic and within their reach."

Claire Morris, HMP Elmley

"Nothing is ever a hassle or an inconvenience for the Business Builder group – there is a strong sense here of understanding the needs of, and working well with, ‘internal customers’.  I only hope we have matched this professionalism over the years.  We look forward to continuing our strong partnership working for years to come.” 

Richard Hammond, Milton Keynes College, HMP Lewes

"There's no way to improve Business Builder. It's perfect."

Learner, HMP Wandsworth

"I am so grateful to have CAP in my life. I feel much more able to take on the challenges of running a small charity with you guys behind me."

Sue Maidens, Fusion Healthy Living Centre

"During the short time that CAP have been with us delivering the Business Builder Programme they have made a real difference to our men looking to become self employed on release or who are looking to set up small business enterprises."

Joe Rook, HMP Elmley

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