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The CAP Way Explained

Within CAP Enterprise we often speak about 'the CAP way'. When we want to work with someone or we look to hire a new team member one of our first questions is, "Are they CAP enough?" Fancy that, our own business name is now an adjective!!

So what do we mean by The CAP Way? Well, it's a fundamental set of beliefs and behaviours which we think are unique to CAP, and which definitely help differentiate us from our competitors. The CAP Way underpins how we work, how we support our clients and how we work with our partners. As you can see, it's fundamental to our business and is a crucial ingredient for our success and longevity.

The CAP Way.....explained

  • Believe in the client - with our help everyone we work with can exceed their life or work goals, regardless of their age, background, challenges or issues. Our belief is empowering and transformational.

  • Be flexible - be what the client needs us to be in order to achieve their goals. Adapt, change, try new ways of working and develop a range of client support techniques. Fit around the client.

  • Think outside the box - helping clients find new ways of working, identifying different routes to their goals and finding new solutions is crucial. Professional objectivity and lateral thinking help our clients identify new solutions to old problems.

  • Clients come first - the client's needs and goals must drive everything we do for them. Each client interaction begins with, "What are we trying to achieve today?" It keeps us and them focussed on addressing their issues in the way they need us to work.

  • How did we do? - by proactively seeking feedback from clients we are able to gather data which informs our commitment to continuous improvement and high standards of client satisfaction.

  • Crucial goodwill - share a contact, offer a freebie, be helpful, go the extra mile, make an introduction - all phrases we use regularly within CAP. Finding opportunities to help our partners and clients generates a wealth of goodwill and support towards CAP.

  • Aim for a goodbye - we exist to make our clients more independent, capable and enterprising. Helping them to become an empowered client moving on independently without us is a success, not a failure. Plan for a separation.

  • Keep growing - learning new ways of working, building new relationships, developing new skills and investing in the team's resilience all help us increase our reach and improve our ability to improve outcomes for our clients and partners.

We are in the process of taking on new personnel currently - a new book-keeper, social media officer and Head of Training. And before you ask, yes they are CAP enough. We will introduce you to them soon.

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